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Protect them and they will look after the rest. Macquarie University and WildArk partner on a world first research study to identify the top 100 umbrella species. The aim is to identify 100 species whose ranges, if adequately protected, restored or managed, would maximise the protection of the world’s biodiversity.


WildArk’s scientist in residence Jennifer McGowan will help develop the scientific strategy behind the WildArk 100 – an ambitious global project built on the idea that if we can protect, manage, or restore the ranges of 100 species, the rest of the world’s biodiversity will also benefit.


21 February 2017 – “We are excited to be working alongside leading experts in biodiversity conservation. This research will allow us to identify priority nature hotspots for protection from a species perspective.” – WildArk Founder Mark Hutchinson.


WildArk is inspired by the work being done by so many wonderful organisations around the world. Here are a few we have been fortunate enough to visit and recommend highly for their efforts in biodiversity conservation and community upliftment.