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Trails Guide 28 Day Course

Magnificent opportunity to acquire skills on this 28 day course on foot in the African wilderness

At a glance

The aim of this course, operated by our African training partners, EcoTraining, is to develop and practise skills and knowledge learned on the 55 day Field Guide course, while at the same time increasing your environmental knowledge and situational awareness. It is also open to anyone who wants experience of, or opportunities for, walking in a wilderness area and improving personal skills. Skills gained on this course can be used anywhere. The course content is the same for everyone, regardless of existing qualifications.

  • Location

    South Africa or Botswana

  • Next start date

    10 April 2017

  • Duration

    28 days

  • Online or on location?

    On location

  • Prerequisites

    Age: 18+; able-bodied; able to walk at least 2km; to gain official qualification: Field Guide Level 1 and Firearm Proficiency Certificate are required.

  • Who is this for?

    Guides, nature lovers and hikers

  • Cost

    Prices start from US$3,000 for 28 days including tented accommodation and all meals


  • Geology

  • Survival skills

  • Birding

  • Ecology

  • Adventure

  • Wildlife

  • Tracking

  • Hiking

Upcoming course dates

10 April 2017

10 May 2017

12 June 2017

7 July 2017

6 October 2017

8 November 2017

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Explore majestic Makuleke concession in the famed Kruger National Park or Mashatu Reserve in the (Northern Tuli–Botswana) on foot, on a 28 day Trails Guide course (FGASA accredited). The majority of time will be spent enjoying bush walks in big game country.

The course is conducted in different wilderness areas and thus provides a truly authentic field guide experience. Your wildlife knowledge, situational awareness and environmental appreciation will increase exponentially while on this course, whether you are a career guide working towards a qualification or attending for self-satisfaction and learning.



This course will provide you with enormous experience in the African bush.  You will learn to be able to interpret situations in the bush and recognise animal behaviour.  You will gain environmental knowledge, situational awareness and environmental appreciation. The skills learnt on this 28 day Trails Guide course will provide you with life-long knowledge for wilderness trailing in any location around the world.


You will learn various skills and knowledge whilst walking through big game areas of the African wilderness including:

  • Introduction to Trails Guiding
  • Navigation and Orientation
  • Bush Situational Awareness
  • Animal Behaviour
  • Animal Tracks and Tracking
  • Bird Identification and Behaviour
  • Dangerous Game Knowledge & Behaviour
  • Walking in Dangerous Game Country
  • Approaching Dangerous Game on Foot
  • Rifle Handling for Dangerous Game
  • Weapons Handling
  • Safety and Ballistics
  • Possible 2 day navigational hike and sleepout

Charismatic species

During your course, you should encounter some (or if you’re lucky, all) of these fine animals. Sightings aren’t guaranteed of course, but you never know!


Martial Eagle







Course videos