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African Wilderness Trails 6 days

This unique six-day experience involves hiking and sleeping out under the stars in the African bush. The experience is operated by our African training partner, EcoTraining, and provides a perfect platform for nature lovers to discover and reconnect with meaningful wilderness encounters. These wilderness experiences can be an inspiring cornerstone in the lives and careers of all those with a passion for nature and its inhabitants, developing a lifelong culture of conservation. The experience may challenge some personal boundaries as we sleep wild under the stars, track and stalk game, and travel light with minimal supplies. It's certainly more about depth than distance. The backdrop, of course, is traversing some of the finest and most remote wilderness regions of southern Africa on foot.


South Africa or Botswana


Guides, nature lovers, hikers and exploreres


Prices start from USD 500 for 6 days - participants bring their own provisions



There are no words to describe the unique feeling of sleeping under the African stars, cooking over a campfire and encountering wildlife on foot. This is experience will change your perspective on the wilderness and the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Detailed Overview

While there are no formal subjects or lectures, the emphasis of this experiences lies on meaningful wilderness philosophy, tracking, low-impact guiding skills and bush lore. The adventures are instructed by some of the most experienced trainers and guides in Africa. Lessons taught will not be found in any book, but while learning “hands on”. These include advanced navigation and orientation (with an emphasis on map reading), situational awareness, setting up eco-friendly camps and water purification (without using modern techniques) is but a few of the advanced skills you will learn. Course participants need to provide their own camping equipment, food and other equipment. Detailed packing lists are provided for course participants.

The Story

This experience operates in conjunction with our partner organisation, EcoTraining, in their wilderness camps in Southern Africa.  

EcoTraining was started in 1993, when a few forward-thinking young guides from several safari lodges realised the need for a formal nature programme.  The EcoTraining mission is to educate people on the importance of the wilderness and especially the processes that drive the natural ecosystems of the world. The hope is that participants, armed with this knowledge go out and make a difference to the way they look after the planet in their day-to-day lives.  

EcoTraining has four permanent camps – three in South Africa and one in Botswana, collectively accommodating a maximum of 80 people at any one time – as well as temporary camps in Kenya and Zimbabwe. EcoTraining has hosted more than 10 000 people, young and old, from all over the world and from many walks of life. Our experiences are run in simple unfenced bush camps in the middle of great wilderness areas, where participants get to truly experience what it is like to live in wild places.


This experience has no accomodation as we sleep under the canopy of the African night.