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WildArk founders Mark & Sophie Hutchinson move their family to South Africa for their first ever conservation project. Over eight months the family attempts to convert an old buffalo hunting farm into a thriving wildlife conservancy by re-connecting it to one of the worlds most iconic wild areas; The Kruger National Park.

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Our dedicated and experienced production team spend their time capturing awe-inspiring content from the far reaches of the world. Using the highest quality RED cameras and shooting cinematic grade quality, we create video and professional photography content for WildArk and other inspiring conservation organisations, projects and individuals. Our team is comprised of experts in storytelling and creating content that is not only shareable, but also inspiring. We can assist your organisation with not only capturing the content, but also help craft stories that will engage your audience and share your story. If you are interested in reaching out to our production team and seeing how we can work with you, click here.

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